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Gambling is big business, and online gambling represents a significant and growing pr

Research company H2 Gambling Capital, which values the online gambling market in terms of gross winnings, put the global market value at €21.73bn ($28.54bn) in 2012. Furthermore, the firm expects a 9.13% compound annual growth rate through 2015.
Right now bitcoin gambling only accounts for a tiny percentage of the total of online gambling revenues. However, it is clear that the opportunity exists to make significant income within the industry and, with bitcoin’s advantages in terms of low-cost, speedy payments, cryptocurrency-based gambling firms are doing their best to do just that. spoke to some of the bitcoin gambling community’s experts to see what is the best upcoming Crypto Casino: is an upcoming startup they make gambling in the telegram app easy.

This is a guide how to use the bot:

To participate in the lottery, you first need to add funds to your balance

There are two ways to increase your balance.
Deposit with Cryptocurrency’s
Invite friends with your referral link and receive $ 0.01 for each reference by your link

Once you have added funds to your balance, you can participate in the lottery according to the tutorial below:

Select one of the lottery methods, each is described in the section.
Depending on your Willingness to take risks choose one of the lotteries.
RAIN Lottery 50% winning chance with up to 300% profit.
Fire Lottery 15% winning chance with up to 1000% profit.
Read the lottery description and choose the number of tickets, more tickets – higher chance to win

Ticket size : draw time
?0.01$ Tickets : every 30 minutes
?0.10$ Ticket : every 60 minutes
? 1$ Ticket  :every 6 hours
10$ Ticket : every 24 hours

If you win the bot send you automatically a message and your profit :dollar: will get added to your balance. You can withdraw it or play again.

You can see a list of your tickets in the profile button, and it will show you the results after the draw.

If you have more questions join the community:

Start the bot directly and gamble today: