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Former eToro Financial Market Analyst Promise to Offer Cryptocurrency Trading Tutoria

eToro's former financial market analyst Mati Greenspan who stepped down from his position to start his own research and the consulting firm last month has promised to avail training videos and tutorials for Bitcoin and digital asset trading.

Greenspan said that the new digital asset trading course will be launched soon on Cointelligence with several interactive features, easy to learn and follow trading strategies, the technical analysis of the crypto market, an overview of what impacts the price of crypto and many more such features.

Cointelligence is a well-known platform for crypto centered training courses and also offers many market analytical and surveillance tools as well. One of the more popular options offered on its website is an exchange-rating system.

The firm is also known for offering in-depth research on several topics related to crypto, blockchain, and DLT to corporate customers, whose interest in the decentralized space is rising.

Blockchain and Crypto Trading Courses are in Demand

The emergence of blockchain and cryptocurrencies over the past decade has created a multi-billion dollar industry promising to resolve various issues of different sectors mainly caused because of the centralization. There has been a great surge in demand for skills related to blockchain and crypto, be it smart contract developers or crypto-traders. The job opportunities surrounding the decentralized space is huge.

Given most of the governments studying or working towards crypto need help from such private firms, and as the acceptance of these emerging technology rises the demand for jobs in the space would skyrocket as well.