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First Informations About Rogancoin (RGC)

Rogancoin (RGC) is an ERC20 compliant token.

RGC will help next solutions:

1. Improving enterprise businesses
2. helpĀ marketing
3. help e-commerce businesses
4. integration of businesses (financially, economically, socially)

Rogancoin (RGC) draw inspiration from the concept of Cybernetic economy being able to integrate resources and several fields: e.g being able to establish an eco-logically platform, whereĀ industries including finance, social interacction and service sharing prosperity.

Rogancoin (RGC) most importantly will help to integrate all continents financially, economically and socially. RGC is coming at a time where new standards have beencreated in the annual blockchain technology.

More informations and news about developing of Rogancoin (RGC) project will be announced here soon.
Good news
This project is going to solve lot of problem of humanity.

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