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Final thoughts Should you buy Litecoin or Ethereum?

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Based on the above information, you may be torn between buying Litecoin or Ethereum. Notably, Litecoin was launched earlier making it have more payment utility as compared to Ethereum. Conversely, Ethereum is more than just a mode of payment as it serves as a smart contract platform. 
So here is the catch, you should invest in both based on the unique possibilities they render. Expressly, Litecoin is beneficial when it comes to daily transactions, for instance, it is accepted by major retailers as a payment mode. On the other hand, Ethereum is instrumental in the development of a decentralized ecosystem making it loved by developers based on its ability to transfer property. 
Here are the major takeaways:

Be a faster version of Bitcoin for transactional purposes
Be a decentralized platform to power DApps across the world.
Max Supply
No Limit
Block Reward
25 LTC
Consensus Algorithm
POW using Scrypt
POW using Ethash
Block Time
2.5 minutes
15 seconds