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Factors to keep in mind to develop your own cryptocurrency exchange

Binance is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world today. With high trading volume, listing of major cryptocurrencies, and innovative tokens, it is the king of the crypto market today. 

Some of the reasons why Binance is so popular are 
  • It offers different types of trading based on the knowledge level of the users. Both basic and advanced level trading lessons are given to amateurs as well as professionals. 
  • Users need not go through the cumbersome KYC and AML verification process for depositing or withdrawing cryptocurrency.
  • An attractive referral program with valuable rewards is given to existing users whenever a new customer joins the platform.
  • Through virtual gifts and customized tokens, existing users can get bonuses with regular trading.
  • Investors can diversify their portfolio and manage risks better using a variety of trading pairs.
Steps to consider while developing your own crypto exchange modeled like Binance 
  • [b]Listing of tokens - [/b]Tokens which add a lot of value to the investor must be added to the platform. Success can be achieved by integrating lots of cryptocurrencies, offering more options to investors. Popular digital currencies must be available to investors for dealing in both high and small volume assets.
  • [b]Transaction charges - [/b]Low transaction fees, which represent just a fraction of the trading volume, would benefit users greatly. The exchange must balance its needs for revenue generation with the convenience of users 
  • [b]Security protocol -  [/b]Every exchange must be secure enough to handle the user’s data and funds. With measures such as two-factor authentication, jail login, and multi-layer encryption, incidents of hacking, unauthorized access, and a data breach can be avoided. 
All the above aspects must be taken into account with due diligence while developing your own crypto exchange. Get in touch with the accomplished developer team of Blockchain App Factory for getting profitable solutions at an affordable cost.