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[img=64x0][/img] Welcome to the Freedom Cacao family, Legend!

It’s literally THE place to be if you’re wanting to experience a whole new level of Freedom, Love and Abundance. And we couldn’t be happier that you’ve decided to come and play!  

We know you’re here because you want to access a potent and powerful tool to really ground you into your vision, your mission, your purpose on a deeper level. And you’ve come to the right place…  


Freedom Cacao is not your average cacao. We made sure of that! For years we struggled to even find someone to buy cacao from, let alone high-grade ceremonial cacao. We’d order from random suppliers and sometimes the cacao came and sometimes it didn’t. 

When we found what we now call Freedom Cacao though, we knew we found an absolute winner! 
From Peru, our cacao is organic and fair trade, so every time you drink farmers are getting paid. 

Cacao has the ability to activate and enhance your intention, and our intention for this cacao, and what we bless it with first and foremost is the frequency of Freedom & Love. 

However in addition to this every cup you drink you can bless it with your specific intention for yourself and your desires.

Freedom Cacao has a love story attached to it and that love story has now grounded the purest, most profound love frequency into our ceremonial cacao. 

Years ago, unknowingly, we were invited to participate in a cacao ceremony. It was that ceremony that allowed us to have the most pivotal breakthrough in our relationship. Our intentions were set and what unfolded over the coming weeks BECAUSE of that day has led us into what we consider, our Divine Union. 
And it’s one of the reasons we are so passionate and determined to share Freedom Cacao with as many epic humans as possible, because it’s been part of so many (if not all) of our groundbreaking and life-changing moments! 
And what cacao would this be if it wasn’t also infused with Divine abundance, health, connection and creativity? Not the Freedom Cacao kind, that’s for sure. 
Legend, we didn’t want to bring you just another cacao drink. We wanted to give you access to a multi-dimensional tool that will help you to live life on purpose, achieve wealth and abundance, all while living in absolute freedom! 

Enter Freedom Cacao.
All you have to do is set clear intentions while prepping and drinking your ceremonial cacao. Then, open yourself up to receive the highest of frequencies while you ground in your vision, mission and purpose.  

Do this daily, or as many times in the day that feels right to you, and watch your reality rapidly shift into exactly what you want it to be.  
So, what are you waiting for, Legend? Get your Freedom Cacao on!  
From the founders of Freedom Cacao and the Freedompreneur Collective,  
Clint X Morgan and Kristie X Ord >Vegan. Gluten Free. Not suitable for breatharians.

>Ingredients: 100% Organic Cacao Paste >Shipping Australia Wide & To New Zealand.

From best mates, to confused lovers, to Divine Union…
It all started when Clint and Kristie, best mates and sometimes confused lovers, activated their deepest love for each other after a transformational cacao ceremony.
They had realised that maybe being together wasn’t going to work, they wanted different things. Clint was ready to leave Australia for new adventures, and Kristie was staying put.

Needing a creative breakthrough and to let off some steam, Clint and Kristie took up an offer to join in on what they later learnt was a cacao ceremony.
They were both asked to set clear intentions for the ceremony and to really connect and ground with their souls. Clint got his creative breakthrough and Kristie got her answer…

Later that night while sharing their cacao experiences, something changed between them. Clint started to feel warm all over just being next to Kristie, and Kristie felt it too.

This prompted Clint to ask Kristie what her Cacao intention was. “To have a deeper love with you” she replied. That was the moment Clint had visions of them living an epic life together, the moment he knew he couldn’t leave Kristie.

While it took Kristie a solid week of convincing that Clint was staying put, she finally realized that he meant what he said.

And they’ve been living in an activated, love-filled, Divine Union ever since! All thanks to some powerful cacao…

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