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Expectations For Ethereum

Although 2019 was a so-so year for Ethereum, DeFi was its one saving grace. And given the surge in active users, as well as growing interest from traditional companies, DeFi is poised to turn the financial world on its head.
Indeed, the amount of Ether locked in DeFi, a metric of usage, reached an all-time high recently. According to, this equated to $783 million. That’s up 45% since October 2019.

Total value lacked in Ethereum DeFi apps surpass $700 million (source:
And according to CoinGecko, 2020 looks to be a continuation of this form. Their recent report predicts that the space will continue to grow, and Ether locked in DeFi will exceed $1 billion.....
That being so, the evidence is mounting that Ethereum is set to enjoy a resurgence this coming year.