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Exchange Listing Update

In our last newsletter we let you all know that we have been listed on the Mercuriex Cryptocurrency Exchange.
In order to finish distributing the remaining TBC² Coins from our distribution fund the Mercuriex Exchange has disabled the sell button for other users.
As soon as the distribution of the remaining coins has been completed the sell button will be enabled and all users will be able to trade TBC² at the exchange.
When the sell button is enabled we will also be paired with Bitcoin BTC, meaning we will have a TBC²/TUSD and a TBC²/BTC market pair.
This is, of course, in addition to the Soothing pair we already currently have TBC²/STHC. As we mentioned in our last newsletter, STHC is another coin listed on the Mercuriex platform and we agreed to a pairing with them as the STHC network of users is very large.
Following the listing of TBC2 Coin on Mercuriex, we can announce that almost 75% of “Round 6” coins have already been distributed. We have seen a lot of support from the STHC community who have purchased large sums of TBC2 Coins in the last two weeks.
As a result of the buying support from the STHC holders, we have been in direct contact with the STHC team, who have expressed a desire for a strategic partnership, where they will be recommending to their 10,000+ members to support the TBC² Coin project.
We are hereby also expressing our support for the STHC project and would like to ask our TBC² Coin holders to also support the STHC project.

Do you own a business?
Would you like to obtain more customers or clients?
Are you interested in accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment?

As above. We are forming a Strategic Partnership with Soothing Coin (STHC) who has a network of over 10,000 users and are also listed on the Mercuriex Exchange.
By adding your business to our business listings, and accepting cryptocurrenices as a form of payment for your goods and/or services you could gain access to a vast number of potential users.
It is completely free to join our business listings page, simply reply to this email with your business information, such as company name, contact name, contact phone / email (how you would like to be contacted), website info, social media info, and a brief description of your business, i.e. goods / services etc and we will list your information on our listings page.
As part of our strategic partnership with STHC, they will be sharing information about TBC2 Coin on their social media channels, forums and websites.
Join today and you could benefit from an influx of new business.
If you would like more information or training about accepting cryptocurrencies as payment or how to set your prices in crypto-prices, please contact us by reply to this email.

As you know by now, we have been listed on a public exchange and we are distributing the remaining coins from our Anti-Manipulation Distribution Model via the public exchange.

When the remaining coins have been distributed, open-trade will be available to all exchange users.
Since listing on the Mercuriex exchange 12 days ago, we have already distributed over 30 million TBC2 Coins and only around 25 million coins remain at the current price of $0.0125 per TBC2 Coin.
As soon as the remaining coins at $0.0125 per TBC2 Coin have been distributed the price will increase to $0.015 per Coin for the next 100m coins, and so on and so forth, until the remaining coins have been distributed.
When they are gone, they are gone, and live trading will be opened on the exchange. Whether you are you are a new user of a long term supporter of TBC2 Coin, now is the time to show your support on the exchange and get your hands on the remaining coins before they are all gone.
We look forward to your support.
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