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Electric Coin Company SDK Paves Way for Shielded Zcash Payments on Mobile

The for-profit entity working on Zcash has published a software development kit (SDK) for both Android and iOS.

According to a blog post Wednesday, the Electric Coin Company (ECC) has published an improved Android SDK and new iOS package to help developers support shielded payments on mobile devices. The new software tools come alongside a lightweight server for backend processing of mobile shielded payments, meaning addresses, transaction amounts and memos within transactions are obfuscated.

While multiple zcash wallets already exist for laptop and desktop computers on the ZecWallet service, today's release is a major step toward enabling shielded payments on mobile, the ECC said.

Due to the vast amount of data needed to process shielded payments, facilitating them on mobile devices was technologically difficult. The ECC said it managed to trim data constraints down on mobile versions to implement its Sapling privacy tech. 

“What previously required gigabytes of data on a server is now accomplished with megabytes of data and computation suitable for a phone,” the ECC said in an April 2019 blog concerning the Android lightclient release which predated today’s announcement.