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  1. Follow @sthcoin_sthc on Twitter.
  2. After one minute or more, link your registered Soothing Coin address to your Twitter ID.
  3. Post a tweet that includes the verification string. The string will be provided to you during the process.
  4. Direct the system to verify your tweet.
    • The verification may fail due to the limits of Twitter API. If so, you may try it again.
    • Even if the linking fails, the coins will still be kept for you. As soon as the linking succeeds, you will be able to access the coins.
  5. Now you can tweet, retweet, reply or like to earn STHC!
    • When (re)tweeting, please make sure #I_RECOMMEND_STHCOIN is included.

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Follow: 2 STHC
Tweet: 0.25
Additional per - follower - pay for tweet:  0.00001 STHC
Retweet: 0.15 STHC
Additional per - follower - pay for retweet: 0.000005 STHC
Reply: 0.1 STHC
Additional per - follower - pay for reply:  0.000002 STHC
Mention: 0.05 STHC
Mention in reply: 0.03 STHC
Like: 0.05 STHC

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