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EXTENDED Sthcoin (STHC) Bounty Program - Earn 50 STHC Worth $120

Sthcoin (STHC) Bounty Program (EXTENDED 31th May 2020)


1. Register on our website
(Please save 3 key files and a wallet address to safe place - key files need when you want to transfer STHC)

2. Play Coin Lottery

3. Start mining STHC with your home computer. Only CPU needed! - (See instructions the bottom of the text)

4. Sign up to our Telegram Group

5. Follow our Twitter Channel

6. Like and retweet 10 tweets

7. Reply under this thread your registered email address (STHC website), wallet address, telegram username, twitter username

End of Bounty Program 30. april 2020 (EXTENDED 31th of May 2020)

Delivering of STHC coins 1-10 Jun 2020

IMPORTANT: STHC wil be listed on SurfEx exchange (ex. Mercuriex) sept-oct. 2020!

About Sthcoin (STHC)

Sthcoin is based on Bitcoin, yet has a few critical improvements, for example,
  • It fixed a Bitcoin security loophole. With the loophole, Bitcoin P2SH addresses lose all benefits of multisig and are as weak as normal addresses, which makes it exponentially more likely for coins to be stolen.

  • It is CPU-mining only, guaranteed, thanks to our unique DOWS (Dynamic Operations with Wide Sampling) algorithm. As a result, everyone can mine without having to purchase expensive special equipment first. (Well, GPU/ASIC mining can still be done, just won't be cost-effective.)
In addition, Sthcoin is open. Everybody, tech-savvy or not, can earn coins for FREE by playing/contributing in one or more of the following ways.
  • Referral

  • Lottery

  • Mining

  • Helping Q&A

  • Development

  • Management
In the future, while keeping track of Bitcoin development, we will continuously improve the security, accessbility and speed of Sthcoin.


Sthcoin Explorer


What's good?

Secure:A loophole in Bitcoin is fixed. That makes multisig addresses in Sthcoin exponentially more secure.
Easy:You can send coins to people through their email address. Forget those bizarre strings.
Fast:When someone sends coins to you, you may use the coins within seconds via the web site.
Fair:Everyone can mine Sthcoin with a normal computer. No need to purchase expensive equipment, because Sthcoin can only be mined with CPU.
Fun:You can win coins every day in lottery!
Open:Everybody can contribute and get coins as reward. See more details below.

How to earn coins?

  • Refer:Share the referral link with friends.Mine:Install a node on your computer and generate blocks.Develop:Create apps, fix bugs, write tutorials, draw logos ...Manage:Lead the software or media development, organize the forum ...Help:Help others to understand or use Sthcoin.Suggest:Come up with good ideas that helps Sthcoin to grow.
What's the cake?

  • 50 million coins are to be mined. At the beginning, 12 coins are mined with every block. One block is generated every 2 minutes on average. The number decreases by ~1/46 every 128 days.

  • 20 million coins are reserved for lottery. The amount available each day is the same as the mined on average.

  • 20 million coins are reserved for contributions (e.g. development, management etc). The amount for each position or job is to be negotiated.

  • 10 million coins are reserved to supplement either the lottery or contributions.


Thanks to the unique DOWS mining algorithm , this coin is mined by CPU only. No worries about GPU and ASIC.
The following instructions show how to mine the coins on Windows 10 (x64). 4GB memory is needed minimum.

Instructions for Mining Soothing Coin (STHCOIN) on Windows 10 (x64)

*** STHCOIN leverages the unique Dynamic Operations with Wide Sampling (DOWS) mining

algorithm, thus is guaranteed to be CPU-mined only.***

1. Download STHCOIN wallet from and install it with the default

settings. Do not run it yet.

2. Download the configuration file sthcoin.conf from

and save it to

C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\Sthcoin

• When saving the file, make sure to set the "Save as …" type to *.*, otherwise the

system will automatically add .txt to the end of the file name.

• C:\Users\<your username>\AppData is a hidden folder. To show it, you may

follow the instructions at


3. Run the wallet.

• It will take multiple hours for the wallet to synchronize. Please use patience.

4. Open the Start menu of Windows and then type “cmd” into the search box. Click Command

Prompt that shows up to open a command line window.

5. Click the command line window, type (as one single line)

"C:\Program Files\Sthcoin\daemon\sthcoin-cli.exe"

-rpcclienttimeout=2000000000 generate xxx 2000000000

Then press the Enter Key. When typing, replace "xxx" with the number of blocks you would

like to mine.

• Every time a block is mined successfully, a hash value will be displayed in the command

line window, such as



• The more miners out there, the longer it takes to mine a block. If there are N miners, the

average time to mine a block successfully is 2N minutes. Again, please use patience.

2.   jbSwzG2BeyXFReNzDBTe31LTZu8kjUm8V9

3. ragnarlothbroke1

4. Kvng_baff
Email :
Telegram : @Mitsuha21
Twitter : @panjipahlawan21
Address : jVDVwxZBn4ZDQuE83cjZbYhsv2TkXrBGtf
Email :
Wallet address : jeNgKiZDWdgTDt3ZTRWbL3Xk1Bntpg6JoG
Telegram : @Myusup25
Twitter : @M_yusup25
my email :
address : jSTZauipFZg5ZmQGFr9BzvsxUSxemNTzJ8
telegram : @firzam
twitter : @Syauq15
wallet. jGMD4mjSDcz9rgzRfq9X35yiUebgymkzjm
Tele. @sregepsikatan
Twitter. @Baby_airdrop

Wallet address: jQWsj3X64AtBErDQLBykKwHrVyQHQEoENJ
Telegram: @minh158
Twitter: @chi26398738

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