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ETHEREUM is going through biggest technological transition of its blockchain history.

First of all, I think their leader is a lost kid... who got more responsibility than he could handle... but the community led it properly and people are not forgetting it's favorite ICO coin holder.

Constantinople Hardfork on the network implemented in February.  Ethereum foundation is now preparing for their second Hardfork update – Instanbul. 
Instanbul Hardfork is scheduled to be activated on testnet by early October, and on main-net by later October or early November. 
What this means to you?

Hardforks are always been worked as strong growth catalysts for Altcoins. It worked even for the Ethereum in past. It rallied from 81$ to 160$ before last hard fork update – around 97% Gain. We can expect something similar in next two months.

So brother, ETH is bullish and can hit above 280$ in next two months. 

The Signal... Ta Daaa...

Entries: 180-190$
Exit: 280-320$
Stop: 170$

Now the most important question: What will you do when you'll have more green than one Natasha needs? Can you fit two on your lap?

Try brother, try!
I believe in you,