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Dynamic Health Group in Biggera Waters, accepts Bankcoin Reserve (BCR)

Dynamic Health Group in Biggera Waters, Queensland, Australia now accepts Bankcoin Reserve (BCR).

Dr Marshal Montgomery Chiropractor D.C., FICPA, Grad Cert (Chiro Pae

He deeply cares about the health and vitality of his practice “family”.  He brings with this a vast experience and knowledge of the human body and its conditions.

Marshal’s down to Earth, relatable style and enthusiasm for the Power of Chiropractic to elevate the human condition is apparent to all.
He often sees the inter-connectedness of seemingly unrelated things. 
First introduced to Chiropractic after a sporting injury as a youth, Marshal was fascinated with natural methods of helping others. This eventually lead him down the path of the healer through Chiropractic.
His passion is to bring the greatest level of health and vitality with remarkable resilience and adaptability to the local community and beyond. 
Dr Lachlan Brinkley Chiropractor AA, BSc(Chiropractic), MClinChiro
Soft – spoken and considerate, Lachlan quietly conveys his passion about natural healing through Chiropractic. 
As a product of over 15 years of Chiropractic care himself, he understands the importance of maintaining the body’s Nervous and Musculoskeletal systems, so that he and many others may enjoy every opportunity to grow, stay active, be alive and well.
This care enabled Lachlan to become a high level student athlete, receiving a scholarship to study and play College-level soccer in Texas, USA.
Returning to Australia in 2013, he developed a greater passion for helping people with organic, preventative approaches to recovery, health and wellness through Chiropractic.
He is enthusiastic about helping you and everyone in the community with their health and life goals
Cattalia Lee – Spinal Flow, Creatrix®, Neural Organizational Technique, and Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology Practitioner
Cattalia’s warm, caring, intuitive and empathetic nature welcomes you when you meet her.
One of her many goals is to bring more life, healing, love and movement to every body on her table. She wants them to feel vital and uplifted with every encounter.
A special focus for her is the empowerment, health and well-being of women in their many roles such as wives, mothers, entrepreneurs, and professionals.
Her great strength is in helping people who are emotionally overwhelmed and over-stressed.
She comes from a long line of healers of many types, and has herself been a healer for over 20 years. Complimenting her practices of Spinal Flow, Creatrix®, and Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology, Cattalia is also studying Chiropractic at CQU.   
Through Spinal Flow and Kinesiology, she facilitates remarkable changes in all levels of your being. This healing process also allows your body to integrate Chiropractic Care more effectively.
Dynamic Health Group
33 Hollywell Road, Biggera Waters, Queensland 4216 Australia
(07) 5537 4406 Biggera Waters