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Discovering How an ICO Twitter Marketing Strategy Will Support Your Project

  • Since most of the regular users of Twitter open their accounts daily, the content will get easily consumed and shared ensuring higher traction for the firm’s project.

  • It helps in sharing real-time updates about your project along with details of your goals achieved and the events conducted by the firm in the future.

  • You can witness healthy growth by not dealing with spammy, fake, bot and inactive accounts. Create realistic action plans according to the interests of your coin by targeting the countries of your audience through the use of your hashtags.

  • You can become a thought leader of your burgeoning industry by engaging with an active and interested audience.

  • A positive ROI will be experienced if you get conversions which depend on the effectiveness and reach of your marketing campaign.

  • Do not indulge in random user engagement and follow targetted people related to your brand, interest, hashtags, and countries.

  • Twitter can also be used for sharing information about any changes to your token distribution strategy, updates in the whitepaper, reminding prospective investors about the deadline of your ICO, and warn users about ongoing scams.
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