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Discover the fundamentals driving the crypto market

]BNC has been actively tracking the cryptocurrency market since 2010. The BNC market data team captures the data, curates it and creates solutions that match your requirements to give you an edge. The function of tracking the data involves a mechanism of the following
  • 24 x 7 x 365 – always on
  • Curation of inputs, outliers and spurious data
  • Institutional grade technology and service support
  • High “tick” computational analysis
  • Multisource references for data – exchanges, OTC and nodes

An essential source of data. Our expert team provides the knowledge required for price discovery on individual assets and portfolios, enabling users to identify outliers, arbitrage opportunities and market depth.

An independent source of data. We provide aggregated spot prices for comparison or validation, with broker-supplied and exchange derived prices. Our solutions supports the consistent need for risk management, compliance and adherence to trading and investment mandates.

A consistent source of data. BNC data is ideally suited for net asset value calculations, client reporting and performance analysis, ensuring a consistent and unbiased market view.

An adaptable source of data. Our data provides access to multiple venues via a single solution, reducing cost and the effort expended in data acquisition and management. Users can align holdings and client portfolios, which is essential for monitoring margin and leveraged trading.

Volume-weighted spot price for 1500+ cryptographic assets from across the global network of crypto exchanges.

Market volume-weighted reference rate for 6500+ market pairs from across the global network of crypto exchanges.

Standardised output of ticker feeds from the 250+ crypto exchanges tracked by BNC.

Block-explorer and exchange derived crypto asset market capitalization data, ranked by market cap or trading volume.

The average Bitcoin Liquid Index rate across the period of any given block since BLX pricing commenced in 2010 with look-up by blockchain transaction id.

Comprehensive history of crypto asset market data across all products, including the LX program, Crypto Spot Rates, Crypto Market Rates and Market Cap Table. Highly curated and customizable.

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