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And so, to me, that’s sort of the antithesis of bitcoin. So my only goal really in the testimony was to help clarify that bitcoin is not Libra, bitcoin is separate and distinct from every other cryptocurrency and it has features that make it incredibly unique. And Libra, and many things, are in fact not cryptocurrencies. There’s a lot of ambiguity in language but certainly having specificity in how we use these terms is starting to become more and more important, particularly for regulators, policy makers, who are trying to understand what’s happening, but sometimes the translation they’re getting isn’t particularly helpful, and in fact can be more confusing than not.
Nolan Bauerle: (09:19)
So I want to pick up on two things that you said, and you said that Libra’s, of course, this pool investment, so the incentives of all these parties are definitely for protection fees, but you also mentioned that because bitcoin is only backed by the demand of the user that it really can exist as an uncorrelated asset, because Libra would theoretically be involved in all the ups and downs of a typical economy because the value of bitcoin is only really based on the demand that users and people have for it. Can it behave as a safe-haven asset?..