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And so, it’s a little bit unique in that regard. It has no physicality, which I think is part of the larger conversation about the evolution from highly physical to where we increasingly engage digitally. So that’s difficult for people to grasp. It doesn’t necessarily fit into the constructs we have for assets in our world, even assets that have been dematerialized part in like stocks that trade, you know, they still have a physical share certificate that’s somewhere.
Meltem Demirors: (07:53)
And then, I think the other component that’s interesting is when we look at what Libra is comprised of, and what it proposes to do, it’s really just a pooled investment vehicle where the interest in the fees accrue to the association. And so, I think it’s an interesting series of choices made by Facebook. I’m not really clear as to why they felt this was the best approach, but I think if you look at the intent of Libra it’s a pool of capital. You’re taking money from people who purchase the tokens, you’re putting it into currencies, and interest-bearing instruments, and we’re holding it, and then we’re distributing that plus transaction fees to people who participate in this private closed sort of group called the Libra Association....