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Get 10 AltcoinN Points just by registering on this forums. crypto platform gave away a record 15 BTC among 130 participants in BTC

? 30 participants became the winners of the BTC Brawl tournament. 7.5 BTC were distributed among the leaders in each league:

? The winner of the Whales League got 1,35 BTC;
? The winner of the Bulls League got 0,675 BTC;
? The winner of the Hamsters League got 0,225 BTC.
? 100 participants became the winners of the Bull’s Run. They received the second part of the price fund – 7.5 BTC. The trader with the highest rate of profitable trades got 0.6 BTC. 

BTC Brawl and Bull’s Run were held from March 10 to April 10, 2020, and attracted 3,473 participants. The total trading volume of the campaigns exceeded $1.15 billion. The final prize pool was 15 BTC. It was the second challenge by, the first one was held in the period from January to February, 2020. More than 3000 people took part in the tournament, the total trading volume of which exceeded $350 million. The final prize was 7.5 BTC. 
Although BTC Brawl and Bull’s Run are over, there will be more challenges to come in the next couple of days! Follow us to learn the details.