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Cryptocurrency exchange development cost

If you have made a decision on building a cryptocurrency exchange platform, you’re going to earn a huge profit from this. Yeah. The cryptocurrency exchange business is one of the finest money-making businesses right now. Many startups and entrepreneurs are showing more interest in starting a crypto exchange business. Well, it’s a great time to kickstart a cryptocurrency exchange business but these queries will raise in everyone's mind. Like how to start a crypto exchange, how much does it cost to build a crypto exchange platform?

No need to worry about it. I will suggest the best solution. Generally in two ways, one can build a crypto exchange platform

  1. Develop from scratch

  2. White label crypto exchange software

Develop from scratch - It involves so many processes like you need to hire a blockchain developer or hire a cryptocurrency exchange development company to build your crypto exchange platform from scratch. They will help you to build a better crypto exchange platform based on your unique requirements. It takes more time, money, and resources to finish it.

White label crypto exchange software - Mostly everyone prefers this method to launch their cryptocurrency exchange in the crypto space. It is a ready-made software that holds all the basic features of the crypto exchange and deploys as fast as possible. You can launch your crypto exchange platform in just 7 days with white label crypto exchange software.

Benefits of white label crypto exchange software

  1. Easy Customizations

  2. Instant deployment

  3. Cost-effective

  4. No need for technical expertise

  5. Saves an enormous amount of time

Features of white label crypto exchange software

  1. Margin Trading.

  2. IEO Launchpad.

  3. Mobile Trading Application for Android & iOS.

  4. Crypto Wallet Integration.

  5. Payment Gateway Integration.

  6. Liquidity API.

  7. Admin and user Panel.

  8. Cryptocurrency Price Ticker API.

  9. Matching Engine.

  10. Referral Program.

  11. Firebase/Firewall Integration.

  12. Trading Bot.

  13. Pending Transactions Handling.

The above-mentioned features can be completely customized based on your unique business requirements!

Cost to Start a Crypto Exchange:

The development cost of white label crypto exchange software price varies from $6k - 12k. Developing an exchange platform from scratch varies from service to service and its functionalities. If you have any idea of starting a crypto exchange instantly, Get the best white label crypto exchange software from a reliable cryptocurrency exchange development company and start your crypto exchange business right away.

Speaking of crypto exchange development company I would suggest you go with zab technologies. Being an early pioneer in the Blockchain industry, they have helped many crypto entrepreneurs to launch a crypto exchange platform with advanced features in it. You can get the development information from the Blockchain experts via,

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Yes, you’re correct. Compared to any other way white label crypto exchange software is one of the efficient, & budget-friendly ways to launch a crypto exchange platform. And of course, the price range starts from $ 5000 sometimes the cost may slightly vary, that’s based on business requirements. But, you are aware to know - Who Provides the Best & Secured White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software? Well, that’s a million-dollar question for all startups & entrepreneurs. Because the current market space is occupied by many inexperienced software providers. If you choose one of them your whole project changes to be a failure sometimes you might face a lot of financial issues. So, finding reliable software providers is the only way to succeed in your business. However, they are capable of providing a high-quality and highly secured crypto exchange platform for your crypto exchange business. 
Some of you peeps have started surfing on the internet to find out the best or well-versed white label cryptocurrency exchange software providers. At the find of surfing, all of you getting the same result that’s - I can’t find the Experts or It’s very hard to do. The reason is - all software providers are doing some digital market tricks to rank their website so that you can’t find the best one. So, How do I find them? This is the question now all you’ve. Don’t worry, To help you out, I have done some groundwork to find out the best software/script provider. According to my analysis, I've got a list of software providers. While I  was filtering the top exchange providers in terms of reliability, I've found a list of the top 10 white label cryptocurrency exchange software providers. Check it out. Before choosing your software provider check the list, it helps you.