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Cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts - Based on types of trading platforms

Launching a crypto exchange is the best way to earn huge revenue in the crypto space. For starting an exchange, choosing a crypto exchange clone script is the right choice and also feasible. Crypto exchange is not a single business model, it varies based on your business needs. First of all, startups should fix their business model. Because traders’ mindsets vary for each. Some traders want peer-to-peer, some want bulk trade, and some want bid trade. Based on traders' willingness, Crypto exchanges have types of business models. That is,

Orders Book crypto exchange - It is an online platform for buying and selling crypto assets at a specific price based on the crypto market. Users can trade crypto assets by using a variety of buy and sell orders like stop loss, stop limit, and market limit. It supports a lot of trading pairs.

Ads-based crypto exchange - buyer and seller can trade their crypto assets between them by posting ads. In this type of exchange, users can post buy/sell ads on their wishes. For example, lots of users post ads at various prices. Users who want to buy can choose an affordable price they want.
OTC crypto exchange - It is a place for users who want to buy and sell crypto in lots of quantities. It is not based on peer to peer. It belongs to the user to admin policy.

These are all the various types of crypto exchanges. You should analyze which type of exchange is more preferred by users in your geographic area. Then choose the right crypto exchange model for your business needs. A Crypto exchange clone script is a feasible and efficient way for starting a crypto exchange. There are lots of crypto exchanges that succeed in their prospective business model. You could use their clone script for your success in the crypto exchange business. Here I mention some of the successful crypto exchange clone scripts,

Orders Book crypto exchange - Binance clone script, Wazirx clone script, Luno clone script, Huobi clone script, Bittrex clone script, OKEx clone script, etc
Ads based crypto exchange - Localbitcoins clone script, paxful clone script, Remitano clone script, and Localcryptos clone script 
OTC crypto exchange - Coinbase clone script, Kraken clone script, etc

If you need one of these crypto exchange clone scripts, you have to find a reliable crypto exchange clone script provider. But many providers are not giving these many clone script types. Only a very few of them are providing lots of choices based on your business needs. Without any hesitation, I mention one of the experienced clone script providers who have all of these clone script types - Coinsclone. They provide all types of crypto exchange clone scripts based on clients’ needs. 
You can contact them for a free demo and more details that would help you to start a crypto exchange business by using their Crypto Exchange Clone Scripts.

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