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Cryptocurrency In 2019: The Year Bitcoin Waltzed Into Wall Street and Made Believers

It speaks for the unique irrationality and lingering immaturity of cryptocurrency markets that a year which followed a seemingly interminable death spiral and yet saw Bitcoin more than double its dollar value is not interpreted to be as bullish as it would be for any other asset.
On keener observation, one might take a different, weightier perspective that the reason 2019 didn't invite as much speculative interest or frenzied price optimism was because the focus began shifting away from the price towards more meaningful discussions as Bitcoin's influence burgeoned from a fleeting fringe asset to a tameless muse for an inexorable monetary revolution.
A record-breaking year on the chain for Bitcoin – the network crossed 100 quintillion hashes per second for the first time, percentage of SegWit transactions doubled this year from 30% to 60%, over a billion dollars’ worth of bitcoins were moved in a single transaction, record daily volumes were witnessed – it was no less eventful off the chain.

From Facebook's ill-conceived, ill-received escapade to exploit the blockchain buzz and bastardize open-source ideas to the exigency for a global monetary reform it engendered. This was a year of two halves – pre-Libra and post-Libra, with most major developments occurring as a direct consequence of Libra. Here we look back on them and there's only one place to start.