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Cryptocurrency Exchange Legal Solutions

Every exchange has to comply with different laws and regulations based on their scope of operations. Ambiguity in understanding the legal framework is resolved through superior consulting services by our team.

Blockchain App Factory specialized services are
  • Separate litigation strategies for each crypto asset
  • Complying with anti-money laundering norms
  • Coaxing government agencies to accept cryptocurrencies as tax payments.
  • Establishing smart contracts for business firms
  • Assistance in obtaining cryptocurrency exchange license
  • Dealing with the planning process and logistics for creating crypto exchanges
  • Drafting necessary documents for domestic and international operations
  • Constant support services to deal with all queries and concerns after the launch of the exchange
  • Clearing Breach of Contract disputes that emerges between customers and exchanges
  • Complying with SEC investigations and Civil Defense
  • Meeting guidelines imposed by Securities laws for issuing coins and tokens
  • Preparing agreements for investment management and handling venture capital funds
  • Carrying out AML and KYC procedures