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Crypto is suppose to be transparent. Why aren't major players solving QuadrigaCX situ

This QuadrigaCX situation makes me mad on a lot of levels and I’m not even from Canada. Never invested in them once. That last report I published was finished before Jesse ever announced a competition.
Where is Chainalysis at? Where is BitMex Research? Where is Binance Research? Where are all of these ICOs at? Where is Vitalik? Where is Craig Wright?
These people have all the energy in the world to sell you their shit and make you invest millions, but they’re mute when it comes to helping people that have lost tens of millions in this space. The same people that helped them get rich.
These individuals and entities have exponentially more money than I ever will. How have they not published a report yet? They can’t do a blockchain analysis?
Brian Armstrong gave you tweets, yet he can give you infinite blog reports and updates when they want to pump another coin on their exchange that their co-founders invested in.
CZ can only give you guys a couple of offhand statements about this, but he’ll do a full podcast talking about Binance.
How can these people claim to care about the space? They can’t lend a little bit of their VAST resources to help?
I’m just one person and I’ve published more on QuadrigaCX than every single entity and individual I named above - combined. How is this?
Vitalik dicks around on social media all the time and has endless posts (that he’s written) about blockchain theory like his ‘Trilemma’ argument. He spent a hefty amount of time talking about “law is code” or whatever with Vlad Zamfir.
Why couldn’t he have done an Ethereum analysis? As the creator of Ethereum?
Just keep in mind how little some of these people contribute to helping YOU - especially when they come back around promoting another hard fork/idea/ICO/etc.
Blockchain was better when people actually gave a fuck about it and not just themselves or their personal ideas.
I can’t tell anyone what to do, but when these people come back around later asking for money when the “bull market” hits, you should tell them keep that same energy they have right now.
That’s especially true for CZ. I don’t want to hear about Binance Launchpad or their DEX.
These people happily take your money but they can’t even use a modicum of their resources to thoroughly comb through this QuadrigaCX situation.

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