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Litecoin Hashrate Fell 70% to Annual Lows

Litecoin hashrate continues to decline after a halving in August. The price has fallen by 70%.

In July, before the halving from 25 LTC to 12.5 LTC, the hashrate reached 523.8 TH/s. After halving, the indicator began to fall and reached an annual low of 149.6 TH/s, according to bitinfocharts.

The price of the sixth currency in terms of capitalization fell from $142 at the end of July to $42 (Binance). 

Compared to a historic high of $400 in December 2017, the decline was close to 90%.

Let's see how the approaching halving will affect the BTC price. Many experts have already expressed the opinion that BTC and miners do not behave in a typical way.