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Create Your Own Platform for Tokenization and Raise Funds With Ease

Digitize and liquidate your assets comfortably on the blockchain network and create your own platform for tokenization
Blockchain app factory render different forms of tokenization platforms such as ICO, STO, and Asset tokenization. They are highly skilled in developing Tokenization platforms on networks like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Stellar, and Quorum by issuing utility tokens, security tokens, and asset tokens. 
Tokenization offers a plethora of advantages in the form of better liquidity, 24x7 access to the market, the entitlement of fractional ownership, absence of any intermediaries in the system, and complete transparency. 
The features of our platform include unique identification of tokens, KYC/AML compliance, multiple payment gateways, automated reporting to the regulatory authorities, and interoperability with the different exchanges in the market.