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Compelling reasons to use a Cryptocurrency Exchange like Binance

With Bitcoin crossing $47750 recently,  the sentiment is highly positive among Indian investors. Binance is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world with a market cap of $88 billion. Users can do derivatives, futures, and margin trading on the platform. 

The White label binance clone software is a readymade version of the Cryptocurrency exchange like Binance containing all the necessary components for digital trading.

The Core aspects of the Binance Clone Solution are 
  • Users can avail cryptocurrency loans, do liquidity swapping, staking, and peer to peer trading on the platform. 
  • An IEO launchpad is present where traders can purchase the newly launched tokens in the market.
  • Integration with numerous payment gateways for quick settlement of transactions.
  • Security measures like end-to-end data encryption, fingerprint authentication, two-factor authentication,  a content security policy, cold storage, anti-DDoS protection, and a PIN lock facility.
  • An encrypted live chat option for instant communication between the crypto buyers and sellers.
Hence, get hold of the ready to use White label binance clone software and enhance your position in the industry soon.