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Close to Half of Justin Sun’s New Followers Revealed as Fake

An analysis of 50,000 new Twitter followers of Justin Sun, Tron’s founder, reveals about 20,000 of them are zero day accounts created this month with almost no followers or tweets.

Geoff Golberg, a researcher focusing on Twitter bot manipulation, says many of these 20,000 Twitter accounts look like this:
[Image: justin-sun-fake-twitter-followers-march-2019.jpg]Probable fake Twitter followers of Justin Sun, Tron’s founder, March 2019.
You can see they’re all newly created accounts with many of them having eight numbers after their “name,” something which could suggest they’re mass created by some software.
Mapping these accounts by the date created reveals their mostly very recent and very probably fake:
[Image: justin-sun-new-followers-by-date-joined-...h-2019.jpg]Justin Sun recent followers by date created, March 2019.
You can see 2019 is deep blue, suggesting tens of thousands of accounts were created just this month and they happen to follow Justin Sun who recently bragged of passing one million followers, more than eth’s inventor, Vitalik Buterin, or any crypto account.

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