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Brave challenging existing business models

The powerful features of Brave features makes it one of the best crypto projects. Some of the features are 
 - Brave browser id fast, secure and respects the user privacy.
Users of the Brave browsers have the ability to choose not to see or see Ads and tip their preferred content creators directly.
- Users personal information is not collected by big companies like Google and Facebook and then used or sold to the highest bidder to enrich monolithic corporations.
Speaking about how easy is to switch to the Brave browsers there are also two features it is worth pointing out.
  • Brave is built on Chromium code which is a Google open source project so users can use the Chrome Extensions on Brave and it is also easy to import bookmarks from Chrome or other browsers.
  • Brave giving free token awards to new users to introduce them to their platform.

You can download the Brave browser here and receive immediately $5 in BAT Tokens and the chance to gain BAT through Brave Rewards when it launches probably in the first weeks of April. Downloading Brave from the link above will also help supporting our website.
[Image: brave.png]