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Bitcoin volatility

With both volume and volatility having dried up, it is difficult to evaluate Bitcoin’s current trend with any certainty. A healthy rally should be accompanied by an increase in both of these metrics.
Periods of low volatility have traditionally attracted institutional investors to the over-the-counter market, however — widely estimated to be triple the volume of the global Bitcoin spot market — this action will not be represented in the Bitwise findings.

Telegram has made an announcement on its official website, saying it’s not going to launch its new blockchain platform called TON and the Grams cryptocurrency until it has the green light from the US regulators.
It has also been mentioned that, even while some websites are already offering Grams presales, the token doesn’t exist, as the company didn’t issue it yet. It seems the TON Blockchain that’s going to use the tokens is still in Beta Test and only after its launch, the Grams will become available for buying.

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