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Bitcoin: an alternative to traditional monetary systems

Bitcoin solves many of the problems associated with today’s monetary systems. For a start, it is not a sovereign institution-designed financial instrument that could serve any ulterior motive; it has been created as an alternative to traditional payment networks, by the public, and it is a declaration of the democratic determination of value as its very existence undergoes a continuous vote-of-confidence. Moreover, there is full visibility – the blockchain attribute allows for immutable accounting and ensures that no provisions of the manifesto are violated.
Additionally, with Bitcoin, we do not need to be concerned about oversupply, as supply of the asset is capped. And supply up until a terminal point is self-regulating; if network economics prohibit the creation of new units at the same pace, then the supply schedule naturally slows.
Comparing Bitcoin to fiat currencies like Sterling or U.S. Dollars and gold, the cryptocurrency ranks well in terms of its ability to be exchanged and stored, while retaining its independent qualities. In a post-Bretton Woods world, where central bank policy has been marred by suspicion, a trust-less solution is making its own case. So, why is it important to consider Bitcoin as an investment now?