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Bitcoin Price Touches $9,000 As it Becomes ‘Clear That We’re Experiencing Institution

After two months, Bitcoin price touched $9,000 level yet again. For the past two weeks now, Bitcoin has been surging like crazy. Though we saw a slight pullback on Jan. 10, we were then off to soaring again.

On Jan. 14, we went to almost $8,900 and now today we were able to break above $9,000 level, going to $9,015 on Bitstamp. However, currently, we are trading at $8,926 while managing the daily trading volume of $1.14 billion.

Typically a bullish sign for BTC”

Yesterday, trader Cantering Clark pointed the attention to how aggressively the lows were sold but the low never gave way. At that time, he said, “Bullish continuation is never clean. I wouldn't call a correction just yet.”

Investor and trader Josh Rager also saw bullish signs as he said, “When price holds during aggressive selling. It's typically a bullish sign for BTC.” As Bitcoin uptrends, Rager explains,.