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Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) accepted in Real Estate Transaction

Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) used to pay year's rental at the Lucca Apartments, New Farm, Australia

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 30, 2020 / -- (BCR) with its eight (8) patents and its own native Blockchain already being accepted by grocers, pizzerias, meat stores, vegetable and fruit vendors to name a few has now been accepted in a real estate transaction for a year's rental fee for a beautiful apartment in the Lucca Apartment Complex in New Farm, Australia.

Chris Laing, Apartment Rental Manager accepted an entire year's rental fee for an apartment in the beautiful neighborhood of New Farm, Australia. The wonderful BCR feature that benefits the owner of any property is that whomever holds the BCR earns 10% compound interest on the entire content of the wallet.

The Lucca Apartments are a boutique development of only 15 apartments offering sophisticated inner city living at one of Brisbane's most desirable addresses (Brunswick Street, New Farm, Australia). Lucca Apartment Rental Manager, Mr. Chris Laing is leading the international residential real estate industry by accepting Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) for a year's rental fee.

The advantage for the recipient (new holder) of BCR is that like a bearer bond, Bankcoin Reserve yields up to 10% compound interest per annum for whomever owns it. That means that the amount accepted in BCR in a cryptocurrency wallet continues to increase in value on an annual basis by compounding interest.

Recently, Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) began a Telegram Chat room that has grown to more than 57k followers on the telegram app alone and on followers are equally numbered. BCR is currently on four (4) exchanges, BTCEXA Australia, CCX Canada, BitKing in S.E. Asia and HOMIEX in Singapore.

BCR was recently joined by Luis Galvis, former Ambassador to the United Nations where he represented the Indigenous People of Mexico. Along with his proven track record in humanitarian work, Mr. Galvis brings a variety of business opportunities with him that will now be brought to fruition under the BCR umbrella. The projects are in the fields of Telecommunications, health, food and International Trade.

The Rural Telecommunication solution presented during Infopoverty 2018 and 2019 at The United Nations will become a bridge to the digital divide that affects more than 60 percent of the world's population and a viable alternative that complies with the United Nations "Sustainable Development Goals" (SDG) objectives.

In the health arena, Mr. Galvis has established solid alliances with technology innovators like Ms. Melanie Wagner and her Intelligent Mirror Technology named "Matilda Mirror" to be used in applications for health diagnostics and prevention. The mirror (Matilda) will be able to evaluate a person's vital signs and able to keep close monitoring of a variety of readings while the individual is at home and within Matilda’s field of operation.

While cooperating with Israel throughout his career, strong relationships were developed and now a venue exists to develop massive poultry projects to feed and generate work opportunities in developing countries. The project entails the nutritional needs as well as economic necessities of many impoverished populations.

After his tenure as Ambassador, Mr. Galvis has returned to his element in the International Business realm and is bringing his Global relationships and expertise to BCR where we foresee new alliances and exciting new opportunities in the horizon for the near future using BCR cryptocurrency.
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