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Avail yourself the most favorable white label bitcoin exchange software in the market

Infinite Block Tech offers you a white label bitcoin exchange software that will create a win-win for both the users and the exchange owner. The software is highly scalable and customizable allowing you to operate the exchange on your terms. The cutting-edge technology and bank-grade security will enable speedy, secure and seamless transactions of not just bitcoin, but all the major crypto and fiat currencies with multiple payment modes, which will make it efficient for the users, evoking their interest to stick to your platform, thereby increasing your volume of trades and profits.

Must-have Features
  • High capacity matching engine

  • Customer Management System (CMR)

  • Documentation Management

  • KYC/Verification System

  • Wallet Management System

  • Admin Panel

  • Branded UI/UX

  • Block Confirmation tracking

  • Ethereum Compatible
Extra Features
  • Pending transactions

  • Segwit implementation

  • Multi-point architecture

  • Firewall enabled security

  • Location-based KYC/AML verification

  • Highly integrable with other crypto exchanges