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Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry Creator Ubisoft Will Become Block Producer For Ultra’s Bloc

Blockchain applications in the gaming industry have proven to be the most practical so far. Just recently, Ubisoft partnered with Ultra, a blockchain-oriented gaming platform. The move marks a major milestone for blockchain integration given Ubisoft’s prominence in the traditional gaming space.

The Game-Changing Partnership

According to Ultra, the collaboration with Ubisoft will be mutually beneficial given the latter will learn about blockchain tech in detail. Ubisoft has since been tasked the role of block producer within the UOS blockchain network. Ultra is also confident that Ubisoft’s trusted brand will be a plus to its fundamental value going forward.

Ubisoft will further provide 3rd party services that enable users to send transactions; this is through web-based services functioning real-time. The gaming giant is popular for the production of mainstream games like Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed placing it at a better position in terms of product implementation.

Ultra revealed that they are considering to upgrade Ubisoft to a Technical Block producer within their blockchain ecosystem. This simply means that Ubisoft will be able to contribute to its platform development and provide support to the existing infrastructure.

Blockchain and Gaming Future

The move by Ubisoft and Ultra has raised the hopes of leveraging blockchain tech on a bigger scale than stakeholders anticipated. As it stands, blockchain applications in the gaming space are mostly small scale and enterprise oriented. However, this seems to be taking a different turn despite the regulatory uncertainty surrounding blockchain tech and crypto tokens.

Given the current information, only speculations can be derived from the nature of this Ubisoft Ultra partnership. Some Fintech analysts are optimistic that Ubisoft will eventually begin developing games with blockchain tech as the fundamental layer. Ultra is also confident that this gaming giant is ahead of its competitors in terms of investing in the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) for its products. Other prominent players that have partnered with Ultra include AMD, the graphics card producer. The firm however noted that its main goal in collaborations is quality over quantity.