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Aspects to Consider Before Investing in ICO

ICO’S (Initial Coin Offerings) have acquired a huge craze among the growing cryptocurrency community. It is a cost-effective capital raising method where blockchain technology will be used to power a product or a service. A specific amount of funds will be raised and fiat currency or cryptocurrency will be used to pay for the new tokens by the purchasers who are investing in ICO.

[b]Some Areas to Evaluate to Avoid Becoming a Victim of a Scam or a Failed Project Before Undertaking Investment in the Initial Coin Offerings Are[/b]
  • Analyze the background of the team members

  • Understand the functionality of the token used in the project

  • Look at the roadmap of the project

  • Check out the quality of the code

  • Observe the behavior of the community supporting the project

  • Verify their reputation in the industry

  • Analyze if all legal norms have been satisfied

  • The protection offered in case of any threats

  • Verify if they are following KYC guidelines

  • Read their published whitepaper thoroughly
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