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Arewa Finance Token

About Arewa Finance Token

Arewa Finance Token $AFN is completely initiated, driven and developed by
the Nigerian Crypto community, with passion for CRYPTO CURRENCY and E-
COMMERCE. With Total Token Supply of 50,000,000, it aims to create a
brotherhood and collaboration among all people of African descent, living
inside or outside Africa.
We wish to make it clear that WAZOBIA or DIGITAL NAIRA was our preferred
name and brand for this Token, but since it has been used by many Ponzi
Schemes and many fraudulent money doubling sites already, the name may
not give a good first impression about us. So, we had to look for a Name that
is New in Nigerian E-commerce and Familiar to our people, a name that
carries Trust and Confidence when it comes to Business in Nigeria.
There for we decided to use Arewa Finance Token ($AFN) as our name and
thicker respectively. We wish to also accept the fact that we arrived at the
name because two out of our cofounders and one of our major Sponsors are
from the Northern part of the country. However, we still plan to name our
platform and Foundation or Company when the time comes, as WAZOBIA or
any other name that may be voted by the community. Hopefully by then with
our hard work, experience and dedication our token has grown Stronger by
Market cap and trading volume. The functionalities will be developed based
on Community ideas and initiatives. All proposals and decision making will be
voted within the community, minority obeys majority.
With ($AFN), every user will be able to utilize multiple sources to increase
their income. From passive Earning to lending, Mentoring and learning, while
also having the potential to leverage the expertise of our team of professional
traders. This way, even first time users with no trading experience at all would
still be privileged to obtain trading insight, and be given advice on building
their own investor portfolio.
We are working to build Africa’s foremost borderless digital financial platform
for a new generation of Africans and visitors to the continent. We will
promote African Heritage and culture to strengthen unity, peace, love and
good will.

What Is Arewa Finance Token?

Arewa Finance Token is a digital asset $AFN in abbreviation, based on ERC20, the technical
Standard used for tokens within smart contracts on the ETHEREUM blockchain. Everyone can
transact with low cost, privately, securely and borderless with anyone, anytime, anywhere. Is a
powerful, democratized and economical tool, which anyone anywhere can use without any
permission to transact with anyone else in the world and partake in a genuinely global economy.
 $AFN AIM: To Make Crypto Currency an attractive, affordable, accessible and profitable
business in Africa. Through a fully decentralized reward Ecosystem.
 $AFN SPIRIT: Manifesting a long lasting and completely decentralized community governed
financial system.

o Why We Created Arewa Finance Token?

- To make Blockchain and Crypto Currency Affordable, Accessible and Profitable business in Africa.
- To help reduce poverty to the minimum level in Africa through Incentives like: Airdrops and
Rewards for E-commerce education and Empowerment.
- To bank the unbanked and offer a better service to the banked
- To advocate for mass adoption of Crypto currency in Africa, through regular workshops,
conference and seminars.
- To help people seize good business opportunities they have identified, get funds (micro loans) to
establish or expand their business, without interest through our platform.

o Our Ecosystem
We shall launch a campaign to recruit ambassadors globally. With mission of ensuring our platform
benefits the most marginalized set of individuals and communities in Africa. The AFN ecosystem is
designed to offer transformative opportunities to revolutionize life of different segments of the
society, through incentives for learning and teaching E-Commerce within our communities.
Our Community Shall Consist of:
 3-5 representatives from each African country, based on locality, skills and passion.
 2. 1-2 representatives from Non-African countries, based on locality, skills and passion.
These representatives shall:
 Establish programs for E-commerce literacy and raising awareness in African communities
of need.
 We will also provide access to small micro-loans and funding for brilliant local enterprises
and ideas.

o Our YouTube Channel

This channel will be used for online mentoring and learning of e-commerce, using video tutorials or
 Category (1) Content Creators: Content creators, who have up to 1000 subscribers, can
make reviews about $AFN in a video of 5minutes and above and get rewarded with $AFN.
 Category (2) Webinars: Mentors and Content creators with special skills in a particular
field of e-commerce can organize a webinar from time to time teaching attendants how to
key in that particular sector of e-commerce and be successful we reward with $AFN.
 Category (3) Tutorials: Africans living inside and outside can make a Tutorial Video of
10minutes and above. Teaching Viewers one aspect of E-commerce or the other
depending on the field they are very good at. Crypto Currency Trading, Forex Trading, Drop
shipping, mini import and export....
NOTE: Videos of this category must be in one of the following Languages: Pidgin English, Yoruba,
Hausa, Igbo
Videos are to be sent to for review. Once a video qualifies to be
uploaded in our channel, the sender will be contacted and rewarded prior to the Upload.
Videos of both categories must be of good quality Picture and Sound.

How We Will Generate our Income

We will generate our revenue by trading Crypto currencies, Mini Imports and Exports through our
International reps, Interstate trades of Agro Allied Products across the 36 states of Nigeria through
our reps, this will enable us pay our investors quarterly dividends from generated profit.

OUR VISSION: Our vision is to be Africa’s most adopted crypto currency, to be known for the
reliable and secure way to convert any store of value into digital assets and to safely store such
digital assets using our infrastructure. The $AFN Community will initiate bolder, radical, yet sincere
and vigorous discussions, or even put them into practice, to generate revenue.

OUR MISSION: We are here to build the infrastructure for the adoption and use of digital assets
that is easy to use, secure and localized for the local markets focusing on Nigeria, interconnecting it
with Africa, Asia and Europe.

OUR CORE VALUE: Our core values to support our vision, mission and operations are driven by a set
of values aligned for the entire ecosystem.

Our Values Are:

 We build with safety and ease of use in mind
 We create value for all our stakeholders
 We build relationships based on trust and confidence
 We challenge current status and push for more
 We know that people (our investors) come first
 We leave a positive footprint in every community where we operate
 We know technology well and build well
 Because it is Affordable, Accessible, safe and easy to use.
 To earn passive income through our high yield staking program 10%-12% monthly
 To cut the disadvantages of centralized Finance It is cryptographically secure
 Fast transaction with cheaper fees and valuable token
 $AFN will solve many problems and issues of payments in Nigeria and Africa

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