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Apple’s New Intelligent Prevention Tracking (ITP) on iOS Threatens Burner Wallets Exi

▪ Apple’s recent upgrade on the Safari WebKit might soon phase out the convenience of burner wallets within the cryptocurrency space for its users.
 ▪ These changes come as the phone maker moves to protect users’ data amid the rising privacy concerns in today’s existing connected ecosystems.
 ▪ Burner wallets have since been identified as possible collateral damages given the new Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) by iOS.

This digital currency storage platforms currently run as nun-custodial accounts; basically, they leverage local browsers to store the private keys of crypto owners. The operation of burner wallets in iOS is now set to change as per a recent blog by David Mihal. According to the publication, Apple will reduce its client-side cookies expiry period to 7 days in a bid to curb 3rd party tracking.