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Apollon Network - The Masternode Hosting Service to simplify your life.

It’s been a while since I penned my last article but hopefully this once will be the start of many more to come. As always nothing in this article should be considered as investment advice. Before you undertake any investment, you should always DYOR (do your own research).

For this article I would like to revisit a topic I have already written about in the past – and that topic is Apollon.
Those of you who have followed Apollon’s story over the last 15 months will know the project has been through a bit of upheaval in the last few months.
The old Apollon Investments Ltd company is no longer in operation. The CEO came to a decision in February he would no longer support the company financially and closed things down.
However, there was light at the end of the tunnel!
The rest of the Apollon team felt it wasn’t right to shut down operations whilst there was a service clearly in demand by many masternode owners and as a result the remaining team members, plus a new CEO, decided to continue to offer masternode hosting services to loyal Nodebuilder customers.
The new service was set-up under the name Apollon Network.
In recent weeks Apollon Network have expanded its service offering but I will come onto that later.
However, before that, I expect some of you reading this article are new to Apollon and Masternodes.
In terms of understanding ‘what is a masternode?’ I would recommend you read the first article I wrote on this in 2018 which can be found here.
As for Apollon Network…..
What is Apollon Network?
Apollon Networks mission is to make investing and running your own masternodes, cheap, easy, secure and above all worth your while.
This is done by offering masternode hosting services to the general public. These services simplify the whole set-up, running and monitoring of masternodes.
At the core of the service is the Apollon Network Nodebuilder which can be downloaded from here.
Quote:This software enables the launching of a masternode within minutes (before this type of service existed setting up a masternode would normally take in the order of 30-60 minutes for the more experienced masternode owners and considerably longer for less experienced owners).
Nodebuilder will run on any home computer. An Apollon Network customer will also need to download and fund a desktop wallet with enough collateral to run your desired masternode but once that is done the whole process to start up a masternode is very straight forward.
In addition to the software you can download, Apollon Network also offers customers the option to set-up masternodes using the online web portal which can be found here.
Some customers prefer not to load additional software onto their computers and as such the online portal was created to meet this customer demand. The web portal is very similar in operation to the desktop software but because it cannot interact directly with the wallet on your computer the customer will need to copy and paste a few lines of text from the platform into a local configuration file.
How do I run a masternode on Apollon Network?
Currently there are two flavours of service you can avail yourself of at Apollon Network.
Firstly, there is RYON.
RYON stands for ‘Run Your Own Nodes’.
In essence, it allows you to ‘stack’ certain masternodes on a single VPS (virtual private server) which the customer rents independently of Apollon Network.
Nodebuilder connects to this VPS via the use of an API key and from there can launch VPS’s and build multiple masternodes on a single VPS.
This is probably one of the cheapest ways of running a masternode available on the market but does require the customer to undertake a few more mouse clicks to get started.
I will be writing a new article in a few weeks going into more detail about RYON and how customers can use it to run masternodes.
But if you want to dive straight in then, on the Apollon Network website -, you can also find video guides on under the support menu.
You are now able to launch masternodes without renting a VPS yourself all from Apollon Network with the recently launched full masternode hosting service.
Why should I use the full masternode hosting service?
The full masternode service is Apollon Networks premium masternode hosting service. It is completely automated and once you have created the collateral transaction within your desktop wallet the Nodebuilder full masternode hosting service will select a VPS from within Apollon’s VPS pool, build the masternode on the VPS, validate the masternode against the local desktop wallet and configure the local wallet in order to control and start the masternode.
Once done the software completes a wallet restart and then activates the customers masternode all without any user interaction.
Wow! Sounds great! How much will it cost me?
The full masternode hosting service is very competitively priced at $2.99 per masternode per month. User Nodebuilder accounts must be credited in advance of launching a masternode and only XAP (Apollon Network's own masternode coin) is accepted as payment.
Apollon Network has worked hard to bring one of the simplest and most advanced masternode hosting services on the market to it’s customers at a competitive and sustainable price.
I’m interested! How do I get started?
OK well first off you should visit the Apollon Network website at and download the Apollon Nodebuilder platform at this address - once you have done that you will need to create a new account and credit it with XAP.
Next you just need to make sure you have your masternode desktop wallet set-up with the correct collateral transaction completed within the wallet and the Nodebuilder full masternode hosting service will take care of the rest!
And that’s it. You’re ready to rock and roll.
If you need further assistance you can find a demo video on how to use the Nodebuilder full masternode hosting service here.
Quote:If you want to run a masternode and either do not have time to keep on top of all the wallet and node updates teams issue from time to time or you simply have no idea where to start then you cannot make a better choice than choosing Apollon Networks full masternode hosting service at the ridiculously low, low price of $2.99 per node per month.
Oh and one more thing….. (well two actually) ?
New customers on Apollon get a full 30 day money back guarantee. If you decide to use Apollon Network to host your masternodes and if, within 30 days, you are not satisfied with the service Apollon Network will refund the same amount of XAP you have deposited to your account during your trial period provided you request this within the first 30 days.
Because Apollon is so confident you will love the Apollon Network experience they are more than happy to offer this guarantee. This is a fairly unique commitment to its customers in this space and expresses how much they believe in the platform and service.
And secondly…. Apollon Network also run an affiliate scheme! Any customer who brings a new customer to the Apollon Network platform can earn $10 worth of service credit and the new customer also benefits from a nice welcome gift of $5 service credit. This is their way of thanking customers who help to spread the Apollon Network message and bring more customers to the platform.
OK, the service sounds great! But who are Apollon Network?
As mentioned earlier in this article Apollon Network consists of most of the Apollon Investments Ltd old team minus the previous CEO plus one other new member,
the Apollon Network CEO, Dominik Myczkowski
[Image: 0w3iaVHQ6DSBANGkKodQlnBEiSm2-wyr3wmh]
Dominik hails from Austria and has been into cryptocurrencies and masternodes for a number of years and before he became the Apollon Network CEO he was a Nodebuilder customer! He loved the team and the service so much that when the opportunity surfaced to start the new project, Apollon Network, with the remaining team members it was a ‘no brainer’.
Dominik is always looking out for new opportunities and partnerships for Apollon Network so if you want to talk about any of these topics he’s your man.
In addition to Dominic we also have:
Markus Dietrich, Coin Founder and Developer
Markus started Apollon and it’s coin, XAP, back in March 2018. He is also from Austria and is the brains behind the Nodebuilder software. He also provides 3rd line support and if anything new is developed on the platform you can bet it’s Markus who’s created it.
Minh Ta, Tech Support and Website Designer
[Image: 0w3iaVHQ6DSBANGkKodQlnBEiSm2-g03nn3wes]
Minh, who lives in Australia, joined the original Apollon project midway through 2018 and is the Apollon Network tech support guru and is responsible for the Apollon Network website and design thereof. He also helps define the Apollon Network marketing strategy with Dominik, the CEO. 

Lukas Plazovnik, Software Advisor

Lukas, also from Austria, is the coin listing dev. If a coin is listed on Nodebuilder it’s Lukas who puts in the time to build the new coin on the platform and do all necessary testing. He is always hard at keeping all the coins on the platform updated when teams make code changes to their projects and with around 100 coins on the platform he’s always toiling away keeping things ticking over.
And finally there’s myself.
Adrian Redman, Project Manager
[Image: 0w3iaVHQ6DSBANGkKodQlnBEiSm2-9i4143we8]
I joined the original project in May 2018 as project manager but this role pretty quickly developed and expanded. Now with Apollon Network I still provide project management services as needed but also manage our vibrant community and liaise with the teams we host on the platform and with our exchanges and other listing sites.
We are a very approachable team and if you have any questions please either drop us a line at or head on over to our Discord server on
Until next time.
Happy noding!
Feel free to follow me on Twitter for updates when my next article lands on @Ade_Redman
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