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Announcing CPUcoin AirDrip, that’s right AIRDRIP

CPUcoin is an innovative enterprise blockchain Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution which drastically reduces cloud infrastructure costs by creating a new sharing economy for unutilized CPU/GPU power on a global scale. Think of it as the Airbnb, but for CPU/GPU compute power, enabling anyone to install the CPU miner software and collect funds for their unused machine time.
CPUcoin and QoinPro will conduct an AirDrip of up to 50 CPU per user. The total amount to be airdripped will be 2,000,000 CPUcoin with an estimated value of US$400,000.
CPUcoin AirDrip: The full amount is received over the course of one year on a daily basis to your QoinPro wallet. Completing multiple actions will result in an accelerated drip!
How do users claim their CPUcoin?[Image: 1562818761.jpeg]
Here is a quick guide on how to claim your CPUcoin:
  1. Log in to your QoinPro account and update your profile.

  2. Join the QoinPro telegram community

  3. Join the CPUcoin telegram community

  4. Invite friends to join QoinPro with your referral link. Your unique referral link can be found in Referrals. Simply send that link to your friends and they can simply sign up with one click of the social media of their choice.

  5. Follow @CPUcoin on Twitter, retweet the most recent post and get your CPUcoin daily bonus percentage increased by 200%. This increases your daily coin bonus percentage on CPUcoin only.

  6. Sign up at for the IEO newsletter and get your CPUcoin daily bonus percentage increased by 200%. This increases your daily coin bonus percentage on CPUcoin only.
Users are required to conduct at least the first step and one more in order to activate the CPUcoin AirDrip.
Verification can take up to 24 hours and the CPUcoin will start being dripped within 7 days after you have been verified and the relevant tasks executed.
Users must stay in the relevant telegram channels, continue to follow the social media accounts and stay subscribed to the newsletter.
Any attempt to cheat the system will result in no CPUcoin being distributed and you will be banned from any future CPUcoin and QoinPro campaigns.
Users are only allowed one Qoinpro account.
Where can I find more information?
CPUcoin has recently been mentioned in various top tier news outlets, such as BloombergE27Forbes China, and Crypto Briefing, but you can also visit their website, as well as their medium account for further details.