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Analyzing the Better Investment Option Between Stellar and TRON

Stellar is currently priced at $0.078 while TRON is at $0.027. TRON is ranked 15th in market capitalization at $18.99 billion compared to Stellar which is placed at 17th with $15.94 billion. TRX (TRONIX), the official cryptocurrency of TRON has a supply of 71,659,700,000 coins while Stellar (XLM) has a fixed quantity of 20,859,000,000 coins. TRX can be mined easily while Stellar cannot be mined. 
Stellar is a decentralized currency backed by heavyweights like IBM and Deloitte. TRON has a great founder behind it. It is well connected with the Chinese tech giant, Alibaba. They have acquired some top firms like BitTorrent recently, established strong partnerships in the market and become a hub for DApps, smart contracts related to the gaming and gambling industries. 
Stellar is mainly aiming at increasing the interoperability between diverse financial systems and currencies and concentrating on developing an efficient cross-border payments system. This helps in improving access to basic financial services and reduce the operational costs for banks. 
Stellar is not quite active on the marketing wing and also there are allegations that its transaction volume is very low and it does not support many DApps, unlike TRON. It faces stiff competition from Ripple as it has hardforked its ledger and the international SWIFT network used by the traditional banking system. 
On the other hand, TRON is very active on social media led by their maverick CEO, Justin Sun who makes flashy announcements and loves any kind of coverage from the press.
There was also a heated discussion in January 2019 when Stellar’s co-founder called out TRON as garbage with zero technical merits. Justin Sun hit back on Twitter stating some of the demerits of Stellar and claimed that TRON will overtake Stellar soon. 
TRON’s main limitation is that it has a long development timeline of 10 years with six different stages. 
There is no way to concretely determine which is a viable investment between Stellar and TRON. Every investor needs to closely watch the price changes, market sentiment, and news about the company to make the most out of it.
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