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Allied Wallet China Introduces Blockchain In Its Services

Ever since Blockchain Technology started flourishing in every part of the world, the companies have been adopting this technique to ensure a better payment processing experience for its users. Allied Wallet China is another such Asia-based division that was founded by Andy Khawaja — keeping in mind the growing demand for Blockchain Technology and its great benefits.

They are planning to implement the technology in their payment processing, which will help the user have a safe, streamlined, and cheap mode of payment processing, providing a new way for people to transact.

Blockchain Technology enables payment processing in seconds, making it better than any other mode, which usually provides the same results in a few minutes or even a few days when the transaction involves transactions between two nations.

The primary and foremost reason why this technology is getting popular day by day is that it makes them more agile and responsive at an affordable cost not just for the company but also for the users who now have to pay the much lesser charge of processing these transactions.

Another smart feature that Blockchain Technology provides is “Smart Contracts.” These are self-executing programs that ensure automatic execution of various actions like payments after completing specific conditions. This feature highly benefits in the field of e-commerce as it accelerates the payments after ensuring that the user received its services or whatsoever the amount may concern.

As said by the founder Andy Khawaja, he wishes to implement the Blockchain Technology primarily for the security and cost efficiency features which it offers. He considers Blockchain Technology as the future of payments as it comes with the advantage of IBM.

IBM handles the work of production and selling of hardware, software, and middleware for computers along with services regarding nanotechnology. Blockchain Technology will help IBM as it will efficiently reduce its processing time from 44 to just ten days. The founder, Andy Khawaja, is very excited about this new technology and cannot wait for its user to experience this nee technology.