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After BitMax delists one of their own IEO projects, DeepCloud, an advisor to the DEEP

Shane Molidor (former FBG) Head of Biz Dev for BitMax is incompetent
- BitMax's MM burned $1.275m of MM funds for DEEP in a matter of weeks
- BitMax claimed to have bought back $300K USD worth of DEEP tokens from the market when in fact they were brought back with DEEP's own MM funds
- Have followed a similar path with other IEO's on BitMax, DOS, DUO and Ferrum.  The only execption is UAT which is George's pet project.
- Finished up with a threat of "Several of the BitMax IEO victims are allegedly looking to join forces to consider legal options; don’t be too surprised to see a visit from the SEC or the NYSDFS at BitMax’s headquarters in NYC."