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About BANG Token

Hello and welcome! Below you can find information about BANG Token and our project.

BANG is an abbreviation for "The Bitcoin Advertising Network Group". BANG Token was originally created for The Bitcoin Advertising Network Group on Facebook and it's members. The project has since grown to consist of a network of pages, groups and our sponsored daily airdrop.

How it works?

Actively 500 000 BANG has been allocated towards our daily airdrops on A airdrop sponsored by BANG will run if a Sponsored Announcement has not been purchased for that specific day. This routine will continue until all 500 000 BANG Tokens have been claimed.
Purchase Announcements

If you wish to purchase an announcement for your token or a friend please contact us. We will then create a post description for you and share your project. Our daily airdrop will then be redirected to your post driving traffic to your project. For an example of how it works please click on "Participate" and claim our airdrop. Our network consists of almost 100 daily airdrop claims. Your post also being shared across our Facebook network, Growing fast!

Updates coming soon

Thank you!
Good project looking foward to further development in the future!
(03-04-2021 02:40 PM)WestnileOD Wrote: Good project looking forward to further development in the future!
Thank you for your support!