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A Mysterious Airdrop Called EIDOS Is Clogging EOS to Make a Point 2

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Your CPU, your freedom. You either give your EOS CPU to freeloaders or you convert your CPU to EIDOS. The choice is yours.
— Enumivo (@enumivo) November 6, 2019

The smart contract for went live on Oct. 31 and is designed to encourage maximum transactions. The size doesn’t matter. This has caused EOS to go into congestion mode, which Coinbase described on its blog as limiting “the amount of transactions a user can broadcast to their pro-rata share of total staked CPU resources on the EOS network.”
In other words, EOS usually provides a little give when it has excess capacity (and it usually does), but that’s all been maxed out due to the demand spurred by the EIDOS smart contract.
CoinDesk has previously reported on dissatisfaction in segments of the EOS community with how the chain is being managed. That said, sources in the community say it’s unclear how clogging up the blockchain up will unseat the current power structure.