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7 Words That Need to Be Removed From the Crypto Community’s Vocabulary

Everyone knows cryptocurrency is a new and budding field. As with anything new, immaturity is rampant. However, with the growing number of reports of the involvement of institutional money, large-scale infrastructure development, and growing popularity, it is safe to say we are now in a new day of cryptocurrency.
With the dawn of this new stage brings about a more mature community which we need to welcome. As we further develop as a group it’s time we begin to communicate more intelligibly. This scribble breaks down the first words we need to drop.
1. Hodl
Good strategy. Horrible name. C’mon just say your a long-term investor. Have some respect for the game. The term has been fine to this point but now it’s time to drop it.
2. Moon
[Image: flat,1000x1000,075,f.jpg?resize=225%2C262&ssl=1]
“When moon?”. We’ve all said it jokingly. It is surely one of the most popular memes associated with cryptos but it is excessively childish and makes everyone in crypto look like fools.
3. Lambo
Lambo goes right here next to Moon thanks to the ludicrous amount of usage as a meme. Also incredibly childish.
Side Note: Real mean drive Maserati’s.
4 & 5. Relative Strength Index & Technical Analysis
The words RSI and TA aren’t inherently bad its just time to drop the claims that they are legitimate strategies. If they worked, everyone who used them would be rich. Of course, however, that is not the case.
6. Whales
[Image: whale.png?resize=167%2C114&ssl=1]
It’s time to stop blaming the fat cat boogieman. Sure, large stakeholders with excessive price influence exist but it’s time we accept this as a characteristic of any small cap investment and prepare for it.
7. Bitconneeeeeeectttt!!
[Image: bitconnect-carlos-meme.png?resize=346%2C186&ssl=1]
Surely the notorious Carlos has made some mistakes in life, but as compassionate and intelligent people we need to look past the……ok fine we can keep this. That was pretty hilarious.