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44,249 BTC ($526 million) was transferred within 3 hours today

According to the ever-vigilant Whale Alert, around 44,249 BTC amounting to a current USD equivalent of $526 million was transferred within 3 hours…

Earlier today 9 separate transactions amounting to 44,249 BTC, were made within the space of 3 hours, the only connecting factors drawing these seemingly unrelated transfers together were their amounts and timings.

All the transfers occurred within the space of 3 hours, with the first amounting to 4,792 BTC coming from Huobi and heading to an unknown wallet.

What followed was a flurry of transactions, 4 of which amounting to 5000 BTC, happened exactly at the same time – all went to unknown wallets bar one which went to Bitfinex.

These were then followed by a transfer of 4995 BTC ten minutes after, and a further two transfers of 4,983, and 4,979 respectively ten minutes apart, all going to and from unknown wallets.