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13 Ways To Level Up As a Bitcoiner

[b][b][b]by [/b][b]Psychedelic Bart[/b][/b][/b]

[b]1. HODL your OWN private keys. [/b]Too many people still leave their BTC on exchanges. Rookie mistake!
[b]2. Run and use your OWN full node.[/b] It’s not hard.
[b]3. Invest in a Bitcoin hardware wallet.[/b] I recommend Coldcard Wallet.
[b]4. Attend Bitcoin meetups, and meet Bitcoiners in meatspace and/or VR.[/b] This has been one of the best experiences for me. There are tons of brilliant minds out there!
[b]5. Mix your coins.[/b] If you don’t care about your privacy, you lose your right to it.
[b]6. OPSEC OPSEC OPSEC.[/b] Never brag about your stash. Bad actors are everywhere.
[b]7. Ignore shitcoins.[/b] They are all distractions.
[b]8. Avoid trading.[/b] The odds are against you.
[b]9. Dollar cost averaging.[/b] You’ll never buy in at the perfect price.
[b]10. Help out newbies.[/b] You were once in their shoes.
[b]11. Lower your time preference and live within your means.[/b] This makes HODLing much easier.
[b]12. Listen to podcasts. [/b]I highly recommend Stephan Livera & Tales from the Crypt.
[b]13. Learn to code and contribute to our revolution![/b]


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