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10 Ways for E-commerce Merchants to Use Bitcoin Revenue

[Image: 1*fOmYnB3GMu4Jmk_KX1y0Pw.jpeg]
Great — your e-commerce store has started accepting Bitcoin. You’re amazed at the possibilities of receiving potential gains from the market. However, reality eventually kicks in, and your newly found Bitcoin revenue needs to also help sustain your business.
It’s one of the most popular questions that Bitcoin holding merchants have: I have Bitcoin, what can I spend it on?
There are numerous trustworthy Bitcoin solutions across the web that can help you, the business owner, allocate revenue towards office expenses and other uses. Below I’ve put together a list of popular ideas and services to put your Bitcoin to better use.

1. Get a Bitcoin debit card
One of the most obvious solutions for spending Bitcoin is to get a Bitcoin debit card. Shift and Bitwala are two of the most frequented — allowing you to load your debit card with Bitcoin at the current market rate, then spending your debit card anywhere that accepts it. It’s the easiest and most versatile way to use Bitcoin.
2. Purchase new equipment for the office
All businesses have fixed expenses — one of which is office equipment. If you’re on the hunt for new laptops, monitors, or stationary, you can always convert your Bitcoin to gift cards at popular retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon.
[Image: 1*HGm0uBt1ZUg4mC5fVKNwaQ.jpeg]
3. Buy office furniture
Another fixed expense is your office furniture. was one of the first to accept Bitcoin, which allows Bitcoin holders to purchase furniture online and shipped to your office.
4. Pay credit cards and utilities bills
Bills, bills, bills — everyone has ‘em, nobody likes ’em. Fortunately you can also pay your bills with Bitcoin too, including credit cards, utilities, and even rent.
[Image: 1*-29BHMvWugrHzJGtao2g-Q.jpeg]
5. Buy coffee from Starbucks
Everyone’s favorite fuel: coffee. Starbucks gift cards are available to purchase via Bitcoin, which can keep your staff productive. Especially useful for when you’re looking to gift one to your clients.
6. Book your taxis with Uber
That’s right — the world’s largest taxi company can be accessed with Bitcoin too. Purchasing an Uber gift card that you can load into your account enables you to travel the city with cryptocurrency.
[Image: 1*3l2YNIG7q6muq9Vm6bJVIw.jpeg]
7. Book your flights (Cheapair, Lot Polish, Peachair)
Using Bitcoin for travel is easy too, with multiple carriers such as Cheapair, Lot Polish, and Peachair directly accepting Bitcoin for your next flight out.
8. Buy web hosting & domains
Another native and popular way to spend your Bitcoin revenue is buying website domains and purchasing website hosting. Companies such as Namesilo and Namecheap are among the most popular that accept BTC.
9. Hire people with Bitcoin
When you’re looking to hire, there are numerous places on the web to find your next employee or contractor that accepts Bitcoin. From r/jobs4crypto to, you’ll be able to hire workers globally — and with less hassle in regards to transaction fees and clunky payment methods.
10. Send it to a friend
Super popular Cash app by Square allows users to not only send cash to friends and family, but it also allows you to transact Bitcoin too. To date, it’s the fastest and easiest way to send money, fiat or crypto. It’s available in the US, with plans to aggressively expand to other countries.


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