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10 Advantages of Using a Crypto Advertising Network

Starting from June I’m in charge of marketing at Squilla Capital, and we have two exciting releases hitting the market in September of this year. Hence, I had to compile a marketing strategy.

As you probably know, there are a lot of types of advertisements that are running in different mediums or channels. Some of them are designed for brand awareness, some of them are designed to drive traffic on your website and others for driving more sales. But which medium and channel should you choose when you have a business in the cryptocurrency field, for example? Is it ok to use Google Services? Is it ok to use Social Media Ads?
To figure it out, I went ahead and analyzed a competitor’s traffic data.
As you can see, ad networks have a strong presence there, however, dogeclick and are basically “surfing” service paying people to visit websites. They are good to boost metrics, but traffic quality is low, resulting in low conversion rates.
Coingecko has a very convenient self-service ad manager on their website, while you have to talk to a manager to be advertised on CMC.
But what if you need to launch a diversified campaign focused on crypto people right now and without problems dealing with multiple platforms? Ad networks like Coinzilla has a lot of benefits.
1. Your AD will be posted only on the websites from the industry
There are over 500 major crypto websites online at this moment, which serves at least 154 million people (that’s the number of unique BTC addresses). There are no doubts that every user that owns a crypto wallet address, is active on at least 1 crypto related website.
2. You don’t have to worry about the ADs approval process
You probably know how important is to be able to start an advertising campaign fast. Even if we are talking about a discount, an early bird or maybe there is a launch of a new product scheduled, if the campaign cannot be started when is needed, the results will be under your expectations.
As you probably know, for some time now, the cryptocurrency advertisements have been banned or limited in the most advertising networks. By using a niche advertising network, you have the certitude that your ad will be approved fast, and your campaign will not suffer delays.
* Recommendation: Before starting to work with an advertising network, check if they offer live support for your campaigns.
3. HTML5 banner design
By using a crypto advertising network, you’ll forget about banner designing services. Most of the networks offer this service for free. The full banner set will be designed by experienced web design specialized teams, so you can be sure that you’ll get out the most of your banners.
4. High, qualitative traffic
By using a crypto advertising network, you’ll have great traffic quality. Your ads will be promoted only by cryptocurrency websites after some certain requirements are met. So, you can forget about paying high CPMs for low-quality websites — in a niche advertising network, they simply don’t exist.
5. Self-serving services
You can enjoy the same qualitative services and customer interface experience as with other big networks. Basically, you have the full control over your ads, so you can do any change you want in real time, so the optimization process is fast and
6. Support agents
This is a big plus. Niched advertising networks are offering live support for advertising campaign development. In fact, every advertiser has a dedicated account manager ready to solve every problem that could appear, 24/7.
7. Multiple advertising options
By discussing with your account manager, you’ll find multiple advertising methods, such as native banners, standard IAB banners and press releases distributed on the top websites from the industry.
Written properly, the press releases have unimaginable power. You can convince your buyers that nobody is better than you out there, only with a few lines. And the good part? — They will stay there forever.
8. Payments in cryptocurrency
If you choose to work with a crypto niched advertising network, you have the option to pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum or, if it’s needed, other cryptocurrencies. The payments are secured and anonymous.
9. Higher conversion rates
Niched advertising networks have bigger conversion rates, simply because the banners are placed only on niche websites. The CTR for the biggest advertising networks, for display campaigns, is around 0.10%. You might say that is ok, but in fact, is not that good! In the same time by using a niche advertising network you will get higher CTR’s (around 0.15% — 0.25%). A higher CTR means that you can get more conversions in the same budget.
10. Cost-effective
The advertising campaigns on niched networks are possibly the most cost-efficient part of a marketing strategy. You can see the results in real time, and the return of investment is almost guaranteed in every situation.
If you are a crypto business developer, we suggest you think twice before making the decision to invest in marketing offered by a general advertising network.